Gotham Tonight! ~ Episode 10: Lovecraft


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Gotham Tonight


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We up and vanished for a couple of weeks. But never fear. Gotham Tonight is back with our recap of the mid season finale!


  • What’s new in the world of Batman? Pretty big news. Frank Miller is working with Scott Snyder on Dark Knight 3. That’s HUGE!
  • The mid season finale phenomenon. When did this become a thing?

What We Liked:

  • Go Alfred! We’d say this is Alfred’s coming out party. Highlights include (but not limited to):
    • Alfred holds his own against a crew of assassins.
    • He calls Jim Gordon a plank. How British!
    • Al sweet talks Fish Mooney.
    • Finally shows a bit of affection towards Bruce (and Selina to boot).
  • Bruce out in the big bad world.
  • Bruce chasing Selina across the rooftops. Nice piece of foreshadowing.
  • A funny scene with Ivy that actually made sense.
  • Pack your bags, we’re heading to Arkham!

What Didn’t Work:

  • Very little to complain about for a change. However, this wouldn’t be Gotham Tonight if we didn’t find something we didn’t like.
  • Lovecraft scenes were a throw away. Is his death is part of a bigger conspiracy? Wake us when you find out. Yawn.
  • If the Mayor “works” for Falcone, why does he reassign Jim to Arkham? To make it easier for Jim to unravel the mob’s secret plans we guess.

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